Janice Lessman-Moss "#446" (detail) 2015

Friday Fibers Roundup

From a near-death experience with puppets to an innovative plywood-like chair made from flax, this Friday Fibers Roundup covers both and many great things in between.

SDA_Methane Migration

Elaine Longtemps Methane Migration, paint, mason line, cord, sticks, fire, 11″ x 28″ x 16″.

1) “The Big Stitch: Making America Good Again” looks at how teacher, Tyler Bush, is changing the type of education his students are receiving to reflect what the next generation of learners needs

2) Have you ever wanted to build your own loom? This tutorial shows you how to build your own from PVC pipe for really cheap.

3) In The Creatures of Yes, a series created by Jacob and Caleb Graham, the latest episode starts as a polite dinner party with friends, but quickly devolves into an existential crisis and a comedy of manners (via The Creators Project).

4) The Big Cloth video shows both the history of where tweed started as well as how tweed actually gets made.

5) The Yeiser Center is accepting entries for their exhibition Fantastic Fibers 2017. More information and guidelines can be found on their Call for Entry page. The deadline is February 4th, 2017.

6) This article from My Modern Met covers 19 artists pushing the boundaries of embroidery, many of which have been featured in past Surface Design Journals!

7) Christien Meinderstma has transformed flax into a plywood-like material to create an elegantly designed chair (via FastCoDesign).

8) This video shows how you can transform your drawings into one-of-a-kind laser cut clothing.

9) Artist Ann Hamilton reflects on the creative value of unproductive time and the power of not knowing in this moving article (via Brain Pickings).

10) The adorable Wee Weaver frame loom is only 4” x 4.5” and is designed to make tiny squares of fabric to use as coasters or sew together for patchwork projects.

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