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Friday Fibers Roundup

Leslie Pearson Aligning the Internal Compass (2014)
Leslie Pearson Aligning the Internal Compass (2014)

 1) Medieval book historian, Erik Kwakkel, documents his research into the ingenious, yet humorous mending of old parchment paper on his blog Medieval Books.

2) Alexandra Kehayoglou’s imaginative carpet designs create fairytale-like woven playgrounds (via Hi Fructose).

3) This enticing video shows the making of Lesage Tweed by Chanel.

4) Bill O’Driscoll reviews FiberArt International 2016, which includes work by April Dauscha, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, as well as many more SDA members (via Pittsburgh City Paper).

5) HoTTea (Eric Rieger) went from doing graffiti to using yarn to create “non-destructive street art”. This short video follows him as he creates a rainbow colored installation in an old tennis court.

6) West Dean College in the UK is having a Tapestry Commissions open call, which includes a three week residency to work with Master Weavers. The deadline is September 1st and fast approaching.

7) Dutch divers found a 400 year old dress in a shipwreck off the island of Texel (via Mental Floss).

8) Françoise Grossen Selects exhibition at Museum of Art and Design in New York is up until March 2017.

9) Rich Quinn’s Fetish Floral fashion series and video is both seductive and haunting at the same time (via Hint Fashion).

10) Have you always thought your feet were lacking art history references? Well fret no further, this set of quirky socks features four famous artists to punch up your wardrobe.

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