Magda Soboń "Venus" (2011)

Friday Fibers Roundup: Embroidery, Drawing with Thread

All the articles, exhibitions, and projects for this week’s Friday Fibers Roundup highlight the diversity and wonderment of the simple technique of embroidery.

Alexandra Drenth Heart of Cash 2012, hand embroidery.

1) The interview Irem Yazici: Embroidery in Miniature, reveals how Irem transfers images from her imagination into her delightful miniature hoop landscapes and explains exactly why embroidery is so precious to her (via the Textiles Artist).

2) What can quilting and embroidery teach us about narrative form? Sarah Minor explores this question and the idea of human memory as a folded or patchwork process is familiar to those who read and write braided essays.

3) “Embroidering ‘Game of Thrones’” By Jessamyn Conrad examines the work of Michele Carragher, the principal embroiderer for “Game of Thrones,” and how she embellished both Cersei’s and Daenerys’s costumes (via New Yorker).

4) “Game of Threads: Meet the Embroiderers Behind the Game Of Thrones Tapestry” looks at the exhibition of tapestries and embroideries from Game of Thrones that will be on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast until further notice (via Irish News).

5) “Stars of the Caucasus—Azerbaijani Embroideries” is a book that highlights the embroideries of the 16th-18th centuries from the west Caspian region. “Stars of the Caucasus” is multi-author book written by a team of international museum professionals and independent scholars (via Hali).

6) The Rhinoceros Project recently collaborated on a zine: “How the Rhinoceros”. Through a series of participatory sewing circles and papermaking happenings, they are translating Dürer’s Rhinoceros into a life-size watermark in handmade paper.

7) These remarkable Romanian bead-embroidered blouses came from feelings and the hope for women to find their soul mate, hiding their patterns from others so as not to have their designs stolen.

8) Arne and Carlos create these embroidery tutorials to teach a wide array of stitches and techniques.

9) “White on White: Vyshyvanka and Poltava Embroidery” examines the Ukrainian technique of “vyshyvanka,” which means “an embroidered shirt,” and the ornamentation is what makes this simple garment unique (via Boise de Jasmin).

10) The Textile Artist Blog recently had an article on Willemien de Villiers and her work on creating a dialogue between real and imagined microscopic biological phenomena, reconstructing the common cellular history of all living things through atomised patterning.

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