Marion Dorn Kauffer "Hibiscus" textile

Friday Fibers Roundup: Midwest Exhibitions (and more!)

This special Friday Fibers Roundup looks at many fiber-related exhibitions either currently on display or recently closed–with a special focus on some exciting Midwest-based shows!

Lauren Gray In Good Conscience 2018, cotton, linen, synthetic fabric scraps, chicken wire, monofilament, dimensions vary.

1) “Fiber Arts Exhibit Explores Technology’s Impact On Art” by Elizabeth Dohms reviews the exhibition Fiber Arts in the Digital Age at the Wisconsin Museum Of Quilts & Fiber Arts (via Wisconsin Public Radio).

2) “Astrid Bennett’s Energizing, Nature-Driven Work On Display at Local Gallery” by Allyssa Gutierrez looks at our SDA President’s recent show of expressionist artwork (via Daily Nebraskan).

3) The exhibition, Super/Natural: Textiles of the Andes, at the Art Institute of Chicago features textile works from Andean region–the primary form of aesthetic expression and communication for the diverse cultures that developed throughout the desert coasts and mountain highlands. On display until June 16, 2019.

4) Joana Vasconcelos invades Le Bon Barché with monumental embroidered creature, Simone–a two-part monumental airborne creature composed of handmade woolen crochet, fabrics, ornaments, inflatables and LEDs (via DesignBoom).

5) “Baraboo Studio Takes Throwback Approach to Fiber Art” by Ben Bromley looks at how downtown Baraboo, Wisconsin’s new fiber art studio isn’t just low-tech: it’s no-tech (via Baraboo News Republic).

6) “Igshaan Adams – Material Traces” by Jessica Hemmings touches upon culture, faith and personal identity in the work of Igshaan Adams (via Norwegian Crafts).

7) “At the Arlington Arts Center, A Strong Showing of Fiber” by John Anderson spotlights the exhibition Over, Under, Forward, Back which places textiles at the front and center of artistic mediums (via Washington City Paper).

8) “As Museums Fall in Love With ‘Experiences,’ Their Core Missions Face Redefinition” by Naomi Rea examines how “experience” has become a buzzword in marketing—and now it’s museums’ favorite, too (via artnet).

9) “Gas, a New Gallery Inside a Truck, Parks Itself in LA” by Matt Stromberg looks at Gas, a new nomadic gallery, which will be stationed next to different partner institutions around Los Angeles, California for each exhibition, beginning September 9 with Night Gallery (via Hyperallergic).

10) “Eight Mannequins at a Wisconsin Museum Tell of a Holocaust Tragedy” by Samuel G. Freedman spotlights how eight mannequins stand in an exhibition room of the Jewish Museum Milwaukee–representing both text and textile, a story of life and death told in fabric, and a recollection during the High Holy Days of mortality and persecution (via New York Times).

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