“SDA In the Studio” Announcement

SDA members create such amazing work that we want to showcase everything we know you are all doing! Mentioned last week in the new website announcement, we are starting a feature called “SDA In the Studio” and here are some more details as to what it’s all about.

“SDA In the Studio” is a recurring feature for Surface Design Association’s Blog. It is used to promote current SDA members and showcase their studio practices so others can get a behind-the-scenes look at another’s making process. Intended to be a promotional tool for SDA members’ work, as well as an educational tool to see different approaches to making, this feature is used to strengthen our community by providing a platform for sharing and conversation.

What to expect:
We want to see the wide variety of ways in which artists approach studio work. Whether it’s a home studio, a rented single space, or a large collaborative studio, we want to see where and how you create! How did you get into being a fiber artist and what are your favorite materials and techniques to work in? Where do you draw your inspiration from, and how does that manifest into the work you create? Everyone has their own unique way of seeing the world, and every new story we get, makes our community that much richer.

How to participate:
If you are interested in being a featured artist for “SDA In the Studio”, please fill out this short Google Form: “SDA In the Studio” Blog Submission Form

A great example of a past process article is Unmistakable: How I Understand Saori Weaving by Juliet Martin on our blog from May of this year. Juliet did a wonderful job of showing both in-progress and finished work, images of her in the studio, and inspiration images juxtaposed with her pieces to see the connections she was making. Juliet was also featured in the First Person department of the Spring Issue of Surface Design Journal’s “Transgressing Traditions” on page 78-79.

Have any questions? Email Lauren Sinner at assistanteditor@surfacedesign.org and I’ll happily help you with questions/concerns you might have.

Ben Venom in the studio working on "Don't Tread On Me"

Ben Venom in the studio working on “Don’t Tread On Me”

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