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Art and Life Bound Seamlessly Together: Adinkra Production from the Boakye Family Workshop/Mary Hark

Adinkra Cloth from the Boakye Family Workshop in Ghana

“Adinkra cloth is a living tradition that embraces new ideas and is always evolving.” -Mary Hark

No dedicated website for the workshop was searchable, but for more information, check out an exhibition of the work–via author Mary Hark’s websiteentitled Contact*Connect*Collaborate that was up January 10 – February 14, 2010 at Evanston Art Center in Illinois.

At Home Under African Skies/Catherine Billingsley

Victor Amoussou "Reincarnation" Egungun Wax batik on cotton, 91” x 62”, 2009

“What makes the fabrics of Leea and Victor unique in Africa is that all their designs are executed free-hand with complex patterns formed by layer upon layer of wax and color.” –Catherine Billingsley


Toyin Omolowo: Reinterpreting Traditional Design/Patricia Malarcher

SDA member Toyin Omolowo of Nigeria is a multi-media artist with a growing international reputation.

Check out his artist’s profile at: www.africancolours.com/toyinomolowo
+ an interview with the artist at:
+ the artist’s statement from a show in Lagos:

Mariem Besbes: Improvisational Dance with Natural Dyes/Jessica Hemmings

Mariem Besbes Fabrics: hand woven wool, hand dyed, natural dyes. Shown at Le Bon Marché, Paris.

“Besbes’s sustainable studio practice is a far cry from the ‘greenwashing’ that has become a common tactic in green design.”Jessica Hemmings


Elias Sime: A Man on the Verge/A. M. Weaver

Elias Sime "Filega 2" (Searching 2) Yarn on canvas (dimensions not available)

“Interspersed with his abstract stitched works are textiles that relate, in part, to contemporary Ethiopian painting traditions.”A. M. Weaver

Santa Monica Museum of Art exhibition information (2009)

Profile on Daily Serving

Stephan Erasmus: Interview/Saaraliisa Ylitalo

“In my current exploration–my relationship and understanding as a white South African with the country that I love, my muse, and the dark mother earth–I am using text that relates to the current political landscape.”


Rosalie Dace: Interview/Patricia Malarcher

“We need to keep redefining what a quilt is.”


Mapula Embroidery: Empowering Women in the Winterveld/Brenda Schmahmann

For more information about Brenda Schmahmann’s book about Mapula Embroidery: www.davidkrutpublishing.com
Launch of the book Mapula: Embroidery and Empowerment in the Winterveld

William Wilson Reinterprets the”Triangle Trade”/Patricia Malarcher

“Wilson, an artist with a studio in Paris, recently produced a series of applique hangings in collaboration with artisans working in a traditional studio in Abomey, Benin.” –Patricia Malarcher


Cloth: In the Presence of Silence/Belinda von Mengersen

“Cloth, like silence, can be a receptacle.” –Belinda von Mengersen

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