Dorothy McGuiness "Zig Zag 3" (detail) 2015

Friday Fibers Roundup

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup features Rei Kawakubo’s ground breaking fashion exhibition, a call for embroidery works, and life-saving weaving technology in Bolivia.

Friday Fibers

Chris Motley Abstract I 2017, wool yarn, thread, 11” x 14”.

1) “Rei Kawakubo, the Nearly Silent Oracle of Fashion” by Matthew Schneier explores Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between exhibition which features over 150 garments and is the first solo show of a female designer in decades at the MET (via New York Times).

Art of the In-Between exhibition which features over 150 garments and is the first solo show of a female designer in decades at the MET2) SDA member Pat Vivod has been invited to exhibit at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette’s Making It in Crafts III. The exhibition opens on May 12th and will be on display through August 27th, 2017 in Lafayette, Indiana.

3) Prøve Gallery (in Duluth, Minnesota) is having a call-for-submissions for their show Needlework: Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance. The deadline for submissions is the fast-approaching May 11th.

4) Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian embroiders to-scale sleeping torsos onto handmade pillows, as if they were actually taking a nap (via Colossal).

5) Dr. Franz Freudenthal Tichauer developed a life-saving technology for heart problems faced by those living in La Paz, but unfortunately, there was no machine capable of creating these intricate devices, so Freudenthal Tichaue turned to craft. In collaboration with Bolivia’s indigenous Aymara women, they are now hand-weaving these breakthroughs in medical technology.

6) “A stitch in time saves stress down the line” by Karen Kay looks at the renaissance that is occurring in fiber art through social media and business professionals like Mr X Stitch and Rachel Hart (via The Guardian).

7) A recent discovery made in a remote mountain village high in the Peruvian Andes suggests that the ancient Inca used knots instead of etched stones as means to communicate both language as well as accounting (via National Geographic).

8) Have you heard of the Fashion Revolution yet? It is “a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.” Their goal is to radically alter the way our clothing is created, sourced, produced, and purchased in order to create garments that were made in safe, clean, and fair ways.

9) This video shows the 25-pound blanket that is engineered to beat your stress and anxiety.

10) The skeleton embroideries created by Renee Rominger (aka Moonrise Williams) are both morbid and beautiful–making death look pretty (via Creators).

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