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Friday Fibers Roundup: Designing out of Waste

This week’s roundup features articles that comment on the fashion industry, alternative solutions, and innovative materials.

Penne Mobley Never Forget 2016, fabric, paint, marker.

1) “The Ultimate Fashion Fail: One Garbage Truck of Textiles is thrown away every Second” by Tess Riley spotlights the need for a better approach and regulation of the fashion industry, while pondering “Is a world beyond ‘fast fashion’ possible?” (via Huffington Post).

2) This video shows how this clothing line is saving its waste and paying fair wages to its employees.

3) Ecotrust is working to bring local fiber to mainstream production and writes about the challenges in bringing it to scale and how the industry closely mirrors local food producers.

4) “Rena Detrixhe Is Transforming Oklahoma’s ‘Red Dirt’ into Elegant Tapestries” by Allison Meier examines how Detrixhe’s work utilizes red dirt to represent Oklahoma in all its complexities and contradictions (via Artsy).

5) “The 150-Mile Wardrobe: a Solution for one of the World’s most Polluting Industries” by Araz Hachadourian looks at how the Northern California Fibershed aims to skirt the rampant waste of resources in the apparel industry (via Films for Action).

6) This video shows Leanne Marshall making one-of-a-kind masterpieces out of trash.

7) “7 Fashion Brands that are Designing out Waste” by Sass Brown highlights 7 brands from around the world who are tackling waste in exciting and innovative ways (via Fashion Revolution).

8) “Nick Cave Makes Armour for the World’s Violence” by Yaniya Lee discusses Cave’s famed soundsuits, which he began making after the 1991 police beating of Rodney King (via Canadian Art).

9) BBC published an article on the controversial uniforms for staff at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, and how the designer is now defending their choices.

10) The Fabric of the Universe is an arts and science collaboration by textile specialist Isaac Facio and astrophysicist Benedikt Diemer, which explores the connection between dark matter and woven textiles.

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