Michelle Stitzlein "Slub Weave - Boucherouite Series" (detail)

Friday Fibers Roundup: Embroidery Evolution

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup examines the many different ways embroidery has evolved over the years, and some new artists that are pushing the technique in innovative directions.

Shea Wilkinson Puget 2015, hand-dyed silk, cotton, polyester thread, hand-dyed cotton thread, hand embroidery, 32″ x 48″.

1) “Ulla-Stina Wikander’s Cross-Stitched Household Objects” by Andy Smith spotlights the surreal, sculptural domestic and everyday objects that Wikander meticulously hand stitches (via High-Fructose).

2) In Nagoro, a small town in rural Japan, the human populations is 37, whereas the doll population is 350. Artist Ayano Tsukimi creates life-sized dolls of people once they pass away–placing them in a location of significance to each person (via National Geographic).

3) Natalie Baxter’s new series ALT CAPS turns horrible internet comments into soft sculptures as a way to confront the often tiring stream of rude internet trolls (via The Jealous Curator).

4) The Korea Bojagi Forum recently opened a call for art for their 2018 Bojagi and Beyond exhibition at the in Seoul, Korea (May 31–June 3, 2018). Any artists inspired by Bojagi (from traditional and beyond) is invited to apply, with application deadline of February 28, 2018.

5) Veselka Bulkan creates carefully embroidered works of root-bound plants found in gardens that dangle from the edge of their hoops (via Colossal).

6) Native Art Now! is a documentary that examines the evolution of Native contemporary art over the last 25 years, presenting personal perspectives from internationally acclaimed Native contemporary artists.

7) Artist Victoria Villasana seamless mixes portraits, embroidery, and graffiti into beautifully light-hearted street art around London (via The Jealous Curator).

8) “11 Artists Using Embroidery in Radical Ways” by Ariela Gittlen examines how artists are using the diverse techniques and history of hand-stitching to comment on politics, power, and resistance (via Artsy).

9) “Artist Hand-Stitches ‘Floating Embroidery’ on Translucent Tulle Fabric” by Emma Taggart looks at Katerina Marchenko, whose nature-inspired work is stitched onto translucent, net-like tulle fabric, appearing to be floating in space (via My Modern Met).

10) “A Day of Healing Through Mending Clothes” by Laila Pedro looks back on India Salvor Menuez and Misty Pollen’s community project “A Day of Mending” (via Hyperallergic).

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