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Friday Fibers Roundup: Loop There It Is

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup features a fun and playful mix of crochet works, installations, and guerilla projects keeping a traditional craft alive.

Andrea Vail Island 2014, knotless netted polyester fabric, reticulated plates, 72” x 50” x 8”.

1) “Feast Your Eyes on This Glorious Crocheted Food” by Anne Ewbank looks at Trevor Smith’s retro-domestic themed creations which are fuzzy, cozy, and downright edible-looking (via Atlas Obscura).

2) In her talk, titled “Crocheting Adventures with the Hyperbolic Planes,” Cornell University mathematician Daina Taimina will demonstrate how to make a hyperbolic plane—a surface in which the space curves away from itself at every point—by crocheting them with yarn (via Yale).

3) All of Everything: Todd Oldham Fashion is the first major retrospective of Oldham’s work, featuring over 70 ensembles of brilliant imagination, irreverent wit, and meticulous craft. The exhibition is on display at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio through April 15th, 2018,

4) Is it a scarf? Is it a dress? Is it a sock? Check out this video to see for yourself.

5) “Boise Art Museum: Jo Hamilton’s Knots in Time Features Portraits in Crochet” by Lex Nelson spotlights Hamilton’s new work and exhibition, Knots in Time, at the Boise Art Museum—on display through May 13th, 2018.

6) Yulia Ustinova, Russian crochet artist and sculptor, was recently featured on the Visual Diplomacy blog as the Artist of the Day for her amazing crocheted works replicating famous artworks.

7) “Someone Yarn-Bombed a Guggenheim Museum Toilet with Gold Crochet” by Kurt McVey looks at the guerrilla intervention that took place for two hours during the museum’s pay-what-you-wish period on Saturday (via Hyperallergic).

8) In Magda Sayeg’s TED TalkWhat’s The Emotional Power Behind ‘Yarn Bombing?,’” she discusses her yarn bombing of inanimate objects by wrapping them in handmade knitting to make the world a little friendlier (via NPR).

9) “Finnish Artist Creates Life-like Crocheted People” by Jacqueline Gulledge spotlights the painstakingly crocheted townspeople by Liisa Hietanen, who creates every single piece by hand (via MNN).

10) “Manchester’s Coolest Building Transformed Into A Giant Yarn Ball Pool With Slides” talks about how the Victoria Baths in Longsight were turned into a fantastical playscape, and how advertisers are jumping on the aesthetics of the installation (via Lovin Manchester).

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