Sonja Dahl "Colonial Glory" (detail) 2016

“Shifting Landscapes” — Out Now!

Surface Design Journal’s Spring edition, “Shifting Landscapes”, surveys the concept of the landscape from several different vantage points. From map-inspired embroideries and childhood nostalgia, to environmental awareness and feminist advocacy, “Shifting Landscapes” offers appreciation for the present while giving a nod to the past. As we gear up for our August conference in Portland, Oregon, we are so excited to unveil this wonderful issue.

Here’s a little preview of what you’ll discover…

1) “Weaving the Sublime: Erika Lynne Hanson” by Maggie Haas explores the weavings, videos, and sculptures in Hanson’s hybrid practice that reveal the human conception of landscapes.

Erika Lynne Hanson Still from Initial Encounters: Like Meets Like, Glacier and Iceberg 2016, 2 channel video, running time: 7:00 minutes.

2) “The Map as Muse” by Bettina Matzkuhn looks back onto childhood memories and how one locates themselves, both physically and conceptually, on a map. Matzkuhn’s embroidered maps contain stories that encompass emotions, hopes, and imaginings.

Bettina Matzkuhn The Lookout Trail (Gros Morne National Park) 2016, cotton canvas, hand embroidery, 36″ x 59″.

3) “Tali Weinberg: Textile Translations” by Tenzin Tsomo spotlights Weinberg’s social justice inquiries and research that manifests through forms of performance, text, and textiles.

Tali Weinberg It’s Not Just About the Rain (PHDI 1985–2014) 2015, data from Palmer Hydrological Drought Index (including groundwater and reservoir levels) by year for California 1895–2014, handwoven California-grown organic cotton dyed with weld, osage orange, indigo, and iron, 2 panels each 60″ x 20″. Photos: Philip Maisel.

4) “Carole Waller: Shifting Landscapes” by Ian Wilson talks about installations and garments to create disruptions to interpret the changes happening to the both the natural and urban landscape.

Carole Waller Forest Dress 2016 dye on silk crepe. Photo: Andrew Farrar.

5) “Liza Lou: Shifts in Aspiration” by Jessica Hemmings explores the glass bead artist’s immaculate attention to detail and persistence to craft, and the transformation into creating work to support social change.

Liza Lou Color Field 2010-2013, handwoven, glass beads, stainless steel, Perspex, 20′ x 28′. Courtesy of the artist and the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. Photo: Pablo Mason.

6) “Sewing and Seam Ripping: Reflections on the Fabric of Society” by Sonja Dahl features the rise of politically-charged community work in reference to the recent increase in protests and demonstrations, and the role textiles are playing these movements.

Sonja Dahl An Etymology of Red,White and Blue (detail) 2017, cochineal beetles, salt, and indigo-dyed rice.

7) “Artist in Residence, Textílsetur Íslands, Blönduós, Iceland” By Denise Sokolsky tells the story of Sokolosky’s one-month residency in the beautiful textile center and how the intense extended sunlight and landscape inspired new work.

Denise Sokolosky More Lichen Than Rock (detail) 2016, thread, wool, machine stitching, hand embroidery on Solvy, 8″ x 7″.

8) “Made Aware: The Layering of Landscape” spotlights Jess Jones’ hybridized found quilts in which she stitches topographic data on top of found quilts, considering the community in which she shares the landscape of Atlanta, Georgia.

Jess Jones Topo Quilt (Mason Mill) 2016, found hand-pieced quilt top (by unknown artist), hand-dyed silk organza, ma- chine stitching, reverse appliqué, 69″ x 73″.

To buy a copy of Shifting Landscapes, go to the SDA Marketplace, or you can check out a free digital sample on our SDA Journal page.

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