Tilleke Schwarz "Gut Feeling" (detail) 2014

Friday Fibers Roundup

From silicone innovations in fashion, to how TV logos were created before graphic design software, this Friday Fibers Roundup is the perfect way to finish the week!

Lucia LaVilla-Havelin Contact 2016, vintage postcard, cotton floss, linen, glass beads, hand-embroidered, 12″ x 14”.

1) “Anni Albers Deserves Space on the A-List of Art” by Blake Gopnik argues that Anni Albers’s weavings are more daring than Josef’s paintings, and should be more prominent in collections (via Art Net).

2) Curator Elizabeth Kozlowski is giving a talk on “Fiber Arts–Craft, Design, and a Historical View upon Female Labor” at The Danish Art Workshops on June 8th, 2017.

3) (In)finite: Spiritual Conversations in Cloth opens Wednesday, May 24th at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, British Columbia. The exhibition features works that draw inspiration from the nature of the divine, and is on display until June 4th, 2017.

4) This video shows Iris van Herpen’s latest fashion vision of a couture dress made from silicone (via Refinery29).

5) The V&A’s Fashion collection is one of the largest in the world and In 2016 they embarked on a major project to X-ray many hidden details from the collection.

6) This video shows how Mayan weavers are using their often-appropriated designs to create work that benefits them.

7) In the video Marie Watt’s Companion Species: Ferocious Mother and Canis Familiaris, The Block Museum’s Curator Janet Dees speaks with Watt about her process and recent commission.

8) “The Mystery of Knitting … Remains a Mystery” by Murr Brewster looks at the baffling difficulties new knitters often face when trying to learn the technique.

9) “How to Rescue Fashion Before It Self-Destructs” by Noémie Jennifer spotlights the fashion industry and the use of synthetic materials (via Creators).

10) “When TV Logos Were Physical Objects” by Christopher Jobson (of Colossal) looks at how logos were created physically, before the use of graphic design software.

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